Vision Assisted Smart Machines 

Custom Robotic Automation Solutions

Developing tailor made solutions based on Industrial Robotics (SCARA, Six-Axis, Parallel)

  • Automation of complex applications in food production by vision assisted smart robotics
  • Solutions for processing of products on trays and on belts
  • Flexibility by quick changing tools and products
  • Every single machine is an integration of innovations: smart robotics, sensoric, handling, spraying, dosing and filling systems
  • Hygienic modular design
  • Integration of food robotics into existing lines.


Special Robotic Tool Development

Engineering of customized tools combining several functions

  • Cake icing and decorating
  • Filling and depositing
  • Forming, stamping, decorating
  • Scoring /cutting (ultra sonic, waterjet)
  • Spraying with egg wash, water, etc.
  • Spot wetting and seeding
  • Sorting, stacking, handling
  • Palletizing (frozen products as well)
  • Product inspection 
  • Feeding and manipulating of  trays





2D & 3D Vision Systems

 Developing vision software to guide robots

  • 2D Camera and 3D Laser Vision Systems 
  • High-performance vision processor
  • Vision guidance applications
  • Inspection applications
  • Packaging applications
  • Dealing with smaller parts
  • Recognition of difficult-to-process products